Burgh Le Marsh
burgh le marsh in Lincolnshire uk.
Heckington Windmill

This tower mill is the only 8 sailed mill left in the country.

It was built was a 5 sailed mill in 1830 and worked for 60 years before the cap and sails were blown off in a storm.


In 1892 the mill was bought by John Pocklington who had bought some machinery from a demolished 8 sailed mill at Skirbeck, Boston .

He fitted this machinery to Heckington Mill and set it working.


In 1941 John Pocklington died and the mill ceased working shortly afterwards.

The shutters or shades as they are known in Lincolnshire were removed from the sails.

In 1953 the mill was bought by Kesteven County Council who restored it.


In 1986, now under the ownership of Lincolnshire County Council the mill was restored to working order.

It has recently undergone further repairs with the top of the tower and the curb being rebuilt.


The mill has four pairs of millstones and a dresser which is used to make white flour.

It is run by the Friends of Heckington Mill.

Heckington Windmill
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